Scott Berryhill rates NCCER assignment among biggest of his 20-year career

PEARL ― Throughout the span of his 20-year career, master craftsman Scott Berryhill has learned quite a bit about his trade. Now, he’s working to ensure that knowledge gets passed along to future generations.


A project manager with Climate Masters HVAC in Jackson, the Pearl resident is Mississippi’s sheet metal curriculum subject matter expert on a multi-state authoring and review committee spearheaded by the National Center for Construction Education and Research.

Berryhill ranks the assignment among his biggest ever. As a part-time trainer with the Mississippi Construction Education Foundation, he’s aware of the challenges that come when outdated practices are taught to newcomers in the trade.

“The construction industry is always changing, but never more than today,” said Berryhill. “Processes that worked years ago are no longer applicable. To be successful in today’s environment, we must modernize our learning materials to ensure our students are prepared for current situations.”

Teaming with peer professionals in the development of curriculum, Berryhill is helping update NCCER textbooks, lesson plans and module exams. During the two-year development process, team members will collaborate with NCCER and its technical writers via in-person meetings, webinars, email, conference calls and online platforms.

When the work is complete, NCCER’s sheet metal curriculum will incorporate the latest methods, technology, tools and techniques. Among the expected edits will be metric conversions, updated photos of new technology and a broadened emphasis on safety. In addition, text, graphics and special features will be enhanced to reflect advancements in instrumentation technology and techniques.

MCEF president Mike Barkett says Berryhill is the perfect choice to represent Mississippi.

“As an organization, we rely on the wisdom and expertise of subject matter experts to create a universally recognized certification and career development standard in construction and maintenance,” said Barkett. “Scott is a seasoned professional who works in the trenches everyday. His knowledge of the trade will translate to a stronger curriculum while supporting our ongoing mission to build a safe, productive, and sustainable workforce of craft professionals.”

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